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About Line Routing Systems

Line Routing Systems

Line Routing Systems is the sole manufacturer's rep for the line sharing technology division of Long Range Systems.

Long Range Systems purchased all patents, rights, customer lists, and manufacturing facilaties from Command Communications for their entire product line.

Line Sharing technology pays for itself in savings from reduced monthly phone bills in a few months. It offers an excellent return on investment for your customers.

Command Communications was the original inventor of the the " Fax Switch". They sold and produced more models than every other company combined. Command Communications was founded in the early1980s and closed all operations in 2011.

Although Command Communications started in the fax switch business, they eventually expanded into other product lines such as pagers, paging systems, and the electronic coasters that companies like Red Lobster uses to inform you that your table is ready.

Long Range Systems invented this popular type of coaster guest pager and now provides more pagers than anyone else. Long Range Systems now offers over 35 other products designed to help full-service and fast casual restaurants streamline operations.

When Command Communications fully ceased operations in 2011, Long Range Systems purchased the company because of it's coaster pager and paging systems that Command Communications manufactured and sold worldwide. This allowed them to expand the core business of coaster pager and paging systems.

When Long Range Systems purchased all of the assets of Command Communications, they also purchased all of the fax switch and line sharing technology too. Not only did they keep the same engineers who invented the line sharing products but they also sought out the brightest minds in the industry to make it even better.

Since Long Range Systems has been the industry leader of onsite communication systems, Line Sharing Systems was founded in 2012 to distrubute the phone line shaing technology business.

Line Routing Systems distributes all products and sales though local home town dealers.When end users purchase on this site, the closest dealer will be notified. The local dealer will supply and advise the customer as necessary.


Line Routing Systems is now accepting applications for local dealerships. Registered Dealers are able to place orders after logging in to this web site. Be one of the first to get on board. This is an excellent product line.

Call to register your dealership.
1-866-337-0965 for US and Canada
217-337-0965 for international dealers.