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LRS LineShare Pro

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Quick Overview

The LRS LineShare Pro is a feature rich 4 device (5 ports) industrial line management system. It offers more options and features than any line sharing product except for the additional ports of the ACP-500 and ACP-900. It has every feature that The Stick, SR-3, Versa-Link, FAXJ-1000, as well as the ACP-300 plus much more for a smaller investment.

The LineShare Pro has every mode of operation; automatic, semi-automatic and distinctive ring has as well as many more programming options which lets you to configure it precisely to your specific needs. The LineShare Pro is the most up-to-date and complete line sharing technology on the market today.


Line Share Pro Online Manual
Note: A paper manual is comes with the product.

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LRS LineShare Pro

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LineShare Pro Product Logo


LineShare Pro

The LineShare Pro is a telephone line management system that directs incoming phone calls to 1 of 4 destinations. It is capable of transferring calls in virtually many configurations of telephone devices.

The Lineshare PRO ™ is the very best industrial quality line sharing technology in the world today. It does everything any fax switch on the market can do plus more. It supports up to 4 distinct phone connected devices plus an answering machine if voice is part of your application.

The LineShare Pro is a single line device that can be installed on a single telephone line with or without extension phones. This line may be part of a multi-line telephone system.

The LineShare Pro has 2 operating modes, Automatic and Semi-Automatic.

You can share 4 incoming and outgoing modems on one line, a fax or voice and three modems, or voice, fax and two modems.

As you can see, the LineShare Pro can easily be customized (programmed) for your specific telecommunication needs.

How much is the Lineshare Pro worth to you?
What's it worth to your BOTTOM LINE to eliminate 1 phone line?
Monthly Line Cost1st Year Cost/Savings10th Year Cost/Savings
$ 20.00$ 240.00$ 2400.00
$ 30.00$ 360.00$ 3600.00
$ 40.00$ 480.00$ 4800.00
$ 50.00$ 600.00$ 6000.00
$ 60.00$ 720.00$ 7200.00

What if you get rid of two phone lines or use Magic Jack™?
What's eliminating 2 phone lines worth to your BOTTOM LINE?
Monthly Line Cost1st Year Cost/Savings10th Year Cost/Savings
$ 20.00$ 480.00$ 4800.00
$ 30.00$ 720.00$ 7200.00
$ 40.00$ 960.00$ 9600.00
$ 50.00$ 1200.00$ 12000.00
$ 60.00$ 1440.00$ 14400.00

What if you get rid of three phone lines?
What's eliminating 3 phone lines worth to your BOTTOM LINE?
Monthly Line Cost1st Year Cost/Savings10th Year Cost/Savings
$ 20.00$ 720.00$ 7200.00
$ 30.00$ 960.00$ 9600.00
$ 40.00$ 1200.00$ 12000.00
$ 50.00$ 1440.00$ 14400.00


Eliminate Expensive Extra Lines with Lineshare Pro

Voice calls are sent to you phone, messages are sent you your answering machine, Faxes are sent to your fax, and data calls are sent to your modem.

Need a custom application? No problem!

The Lineshare Pro comes preset to most applications. But, if something isn't exactly as you want, it can easily be customized using a touch-tone phone.

Incredibly easy to install!

Setup only takes a few minutes. Just plug in the LineShare Pro. Connect your phone, answering machine, fax, and modem and you are ready to go! No special wiring. No software. No service fees - ever!

Even easier to use!

The Lineshare Pro does everything AUTOMATICALLY! It listens to each incoming call for CNG tones, and touch tones and then switches the call to the right device. Even while you are away.

Need help? Give us a call!

For tips or trouble shooting ask one of our experts. Call our toll free tech support number at 1-866-337-0965 or email us at from this web site.

Compatible with Many Telephone Company Services

  • Voice Mail*
  • Caller-ID
  • Call Forwarding*
  • Distinctive Ring
  • DSL
  • Magic Jack Plus

*Requires Distinctive Ring Service. Check with your local phone company for availability.

DSL Compatible!

If you have DSL service, you can receive voice or fax call, even when you are online.



LRS-LINESHARE Pro Manual PDF(830k)


Lineshare Pro Typical Setup

  • Single-Line Phone System
  • Answering Machine or Voice Mail
  • Fax Machine or Fax Modem
  • Computer Dial Up Modem
  • Credit Card Terminal




Other Popular Business and Corporate Applications

  • Telecommuting
  • Point-of-Sale Polling
  • Credit Card Readers
  • Check Readers
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Credit card authorization terminal
  • Security alarm and monitoring system
  • Money order dispensing system
  • Paging Systems
  • Fax/modem cards
  • Telephones (phone systems)
  • Answering machine
  • Fax machines
  • Fax modem
  • All-in-one printer-fax-scanner
  • Call diverter
  • Energy management system
  • Flow monitoring system
  • Time and attendance system
  • Point-of-sale terminal
  • Remote diagnostic system


More Features

  • Barge-In-Protection
  • Emergency Override Function
  • Programmable Security Codes
  • Junk-Fax-Screening
  • Incoming Call Priority
  • Message Notification
  • Extension Call Routing
  • Extension Phone Detection
  • Variable Ring Count
  • Intercom Features


Programmable Features

The Lineshare Pro has at least double the standard and programming options of any other line sharing product including the Professional Multi-Link Polnet 2.0 series.

  • Automatic No Answer Transfer
  • Automatic Primary Port Transfer
  • Automatic Ring Reduction
  • Automatic Ring Reduction Reset
  • Extension Detection
  • On-Line Extension Protection
  • Answer Any Port
  • Pound Key Required
  • Single Tone Detection
  • Fax CNG (Calling) Tone Detection
  • Modem (Calling) Tone Detection
  • Distinctive Ring Service Detection
  • Caller ID Pass Thru
  • Emergency Call Override Action
  • Caller ID Store and Forward
  • Operating Mode
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Port Tone Assignment
  • Rings to Answer Call
  • Rings to Port P1
  • Rings to Port P2
  • Rings to Port P3
  • Rings to Port P4
  • Primary Port Transfer Timer
  • Ring Reduction Reset Timer
  • Single Tone Detection Timer
  • Remote Security Access Code
  • Port P1 Transfer Code
  • Port P2 Transfer Code
  • Port P3 Transfer Code
  • Port P4 Transfer Code
  • Primary Port Selection
  • Secondary Port Selection
  • DRS Assignment
  • Reset to Factory Settings


The Line Share PRO ™ is the best replacement for all Command Communications products and all of the Multi-Link Products except for the ACP-500 and ACP-900 which offer more ports. Even in this case, you can "piggy back" two or more Line Share PRO ™ units to add extra ports (devices), For example, two "piggy backed" Line Share PROs would give you seven devices or three   "piggy backed" Line Share PROs would give you ten ports (devices) at a lower cost than the Polnet ACP 500 or Polnet ACP 900 offers with many more programmable features.

The major differences from the LineShare 4.1 are the extra device port, the emergency barge-in feature (call interrupt) as well as special modem polling features. The call interrupt feature lets one or more (up to three) devices override any other call in progress. This is typically used for ATM machines, Credit Card Authorization or Emergency  services such as elevator phones,  fire alarms or emergency security devices.

Unless you need to connect more that 4 devices in one unit to 1 phone line,  the Line Routing Switch PRO ™ is the vary  best solution for any application.  This product offers more programming options, works with more phone company features, and works in more applications than any other product.

The Line Routing Switch PRO ™ is our most highly recommended product.

Additional Information

Ans Machine Silent Transfer Yes
ASAP Programming Yes
Auto Tone Detection in Distinctive Ring Mode Yes
Auto Fax Routing - Fax Tone CNG Detection Yes
Barge-in-Protection with Busy Signal Yes
Cable Phone Compatible Yes
Caller- ID pass thru mode Yes
Caller-ID Retransmission Yes
Caller-ID Ring Reduction Yes
Call Forwarding in Distinctive Ring Mode Yes
Call Waiting Compatible Yes
CO Interface Ringer Equivalence Number: 0.5 B
Dimensions Height: 3, Length: 11, Width: 9.25
Distinctive Ring Routing Yes
Distinctive Ring Routing + Caller-ID Yes
Distinctive Ring Semi- Auto Routing Yes
DSL Compatible Yes
Emergency Barge In Option Yes
Emergency Call Manual Override Yes
Extension Detection Yes
Extension Detection with Barge-in Protection Yes
Extension Detection - Call Grab Feature Yes
Input Power Reguirements 110-125 Volts AC Only, 50-60 Hz
Intercom between Ports Yes
Magic Jack Plus Compatible Yes
Manual Call Transfer Yes
Unlimited Manual Transfer to any Port Yes
Modem 1300 Hz Tone Auto Detection Yes
No Answer Transfer Yes
Number of independent devices 4
Power Consumption 6.2 Watts
Product Color Silver with Black Highlights
Programmable Rings for individual Ports Yes
Programmable Rings to Ports Yes
Ringing Voltage 70 Vrms @ 20 Hertz open circuited
Programmable Rings to Answer Yes
Ring Generator Frequency 30 Hz (+/- ..1) Hz Voltage Regulated and Current Limited
Programmable Security Access Codes (SAC's) Yes
Security Access Code for VOICE Yes
Security Access Code for MODEMS Yes
SAC to Any Port Yes
Security Access Modem Routing Yes
Semi-Automatic (Passive) Call Routing Yes
Unlimited FREE Toll Free Tech Support 24 hours / 7 days
Tone Detaction Timer Yes
Total Number of Ports 5
Touch Tone Detection Yes
Unanswered Call - Silent Transfer to any port Yes
Unanswered Call - Silent Transfer to Fax Yes
Voice Mail Compatible in Distinctive Ring Mode Yes
Waveform True Sinusoidal

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