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LRS LineShare 4.1

LRS LineShare 4.1

Product Review (submitted on July 16, 2013):
Thanks for a great product.

By using the LineShare 4.1 with Magic Jack Plus I have reduced my total phone expense for my small business per a year to about $39.00. That is amazing; I used to pay so much more. I used to pay more than that every month. Your product is a miracle and a God send!

The Line Share 4.1 lets me have fax, voice, answering machine and credit card machine on my Magic Jack. That used to cost me 4 lines which was a fortune. Now all I pay is about $39.00 per year for everything. My phone overhead is almost nothing now.

Previously I used the Multi-Link Stick and basically it did the same thing but I still had to pay about $59.00 per month with taxes. I thought that was pretty good as it cut my cost by more than half. Unfortunately when bought Magic Jack, the Stick would no longer work. I thought I waited my money on Magic Jack and it wouldn’t be right for my business. I thought if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. I almost quit magic jack.

I am do glad I looked on the Internet and found you. You saved the day!

Your product works! The Stick must be old technology. I don’t know why the Stick doesn’t work but yours does perfectly. I would have given up on Magic Jack without you.

I don’t what makes your fax switch is superior but obviously it is. When the Stick didn’t work, I almost gave up. I thought what I wanted must be impossible (too good to be true) but thank God I found you. You answered my prayers.

God bless YOU!

Your product is the best!